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How to Build a Life You'll Love Waking Up To, even if you lack confidence or don't know where to start. 
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Wednesday: 8 pm UK time

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Rose Todd

International Speaker, Author, Coach and Personal Mentor.  Qualified Homeopath, Bach Flower Practitioner and Law of Attraction Expert.
You'll Discover all this... and more
  • 5 Steps to Building Your Dream - and why without these you are hurting your chances of success
  • 1 thing that most other teachings have got WRONG! - and why this leads to inconsistent resutls
  • If you are operating by "Default" or by "Design" - How to tell, and how to effortlessly change states...
  • How to get absolute clarity about your dreams - and why starting with what you 'want' will only get you more lost!
  • My Secret Tool for dealing with your emotions - I struggled for years without it, but you don't have to!
  • How you can benefit from the "compound effect" as described by Albert Einstein

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ALL ATTENDEES will receive a free copy of my latest downloadable book - "BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS".  It's packed full of guidance on how to banish self-doubt, make 'huge shifts' with 'little changes' and the little known secret of how to use 'contrast triggers' to find out what you really want and exactly where you should start... 
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FREE copy of my latest downloadable book 
WARNING: Get the best bits of over four decades of study and practice in less than 60 mins! Get Ready for "the Stuff the REALLY matters!".
If you are full or part time employed, or if you run your own business - then this is for you.  If you care about you Health and Well-being, your Finances or Career or your Happiness and Contentment, then this is for you.  If you have trouble getting started, or feel you have low self confidence... or get swapped by negative thinking, then this is absolutely right for you... LIMITED AVAILABILITY, SO REGISTER NOW.
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